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October 9, 2013
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You looked at your reflection in the mirror as you applied the cherry red lipstick you purchased a week ago. You hardly wore any make-up, as you deemed it unnecessary unless you were dressed for a special occasion: in this case, it was a very special occasion. You left the bedroom and made sure the cherry cookies were set up perfectly, right at the center of the kitchen table.


You rushed back to the bedroom, closing the door before heading back to the long, wide mirror on your drawer, in front of the bed you shared with your matesprit. What you weren’t aware of was that the said person arrived earlier than you expected and had just found part one of your surprise.


You walked into your apartment, sighing to yourself as you removed your shoes and put them away with the other ones to not make the floor dirty. You had had a long day at the movie store and at this point, all you wanted to do was just sit back, relax and cuddle with your matesprit.

“(y/n), I’m home!” you said, walking into the living room and thinking you would be greeted your happy matesprit with her usual hugs and kisses.


You glanced around, raising an eyebrow in confusion. You called out her once more, only to be greeted with silence again. You walked into the kitchen, your eyes widening at the sight before you.

At the center of the table were (y/n)’s famous cherry cookies with homemade cherry jam in the center of each cookie.

You stared at the cookies in wonder, licking your lips at the thought of just eating the treat and tasting the cherry as you would munch on the crunchy cookie. (y/n) rarely made the cookies and only made them on special occasions, like the human equivalent to Twelfth Pedigree and your wriggling day – or birthday in human terms… unless today was a special occasion she suddenly arranged.

You sat at the square-shaped table and took a cookie, taking a bite into the crunchy treat. You close your eyes for a moment and hum contently, enjoying the sweet, juicy taste of the cherry cookie. You opened your eyes when you heard singing from the bedroom.

‘She she’s in there.’ you thought, smirking slightly to yourself.

You finished your first cookie, took a second one and walked quietly towards the door, making sure not to get caught as you slowly and quietly open the door. Smiling a little, you watched as (y/n) spun a little in your bright red summer dress, black heels on toe and her cherry red lipstick making her lips stand out as she smiled and sang. To avoid being caught in the act, you closed the door and went back to the kitchen.


You had been singing, twirling and fixing your ponytail, when you heard the door close. Confused, you turned took look at the door.

“Wait… wasn’t the door closed all this time?” you asked yourself, staring at the door. You opened the door and walked out of your room, heading to the living room. After looking in the living room, you went through it and walked in the kitchen, when you abruptly stopped as you found your lover sitting as though he was expecting you. He had a small smirk on his face, which was pretty rare as he usually was frowning all day and he mostly just smiled in his sleep.

“Hi fuckass.” he said, eating one of the cherry cookies. As he licked the jam off his upper lip, you took notice that four of the cookies were already gone and that the fourth missing cookie was most likely the one Karkat was eating at the moment. You looked back at him with a slight blush.

“Ummm… hi Karkat.” you said sheepishly. “Enjoying the snack I made?”

“Yes, yes I am.” Karkat replied, finishing the cookie. “I wouldn’t eat some random fuckass’ food now, would I?”

“Good point.” you muttered, avoiding his gaze. You looked down at your black high-heeled shoes, playing with the bottom of the brightly-coloured dress you wore.

“Oh and… you like the dress?” you asked, biting your bottom lip. You knew how Karkat wasn’t fond of the topic of his blood color, so you weren’t sure if the dress being red was a good idea. Hey, it was worth the try, right?

He glanced over you before standing up and pulling you into a huge hug. Blinking and comprehending what he did, you hugged back, nuzzling into his neck – thank goodness you were pretty much the same height and that you wouldn’t have to stretch all the time.

“You look great in it.” he muttered. You wondered what facial expression he had, though all you truly cared about was sharing the hug together and enjoying it.

“You always look beautiful, ok?”

You blushed at the compliment, smiling slightly.

“I love you, Karkat.”

“And I’m flushed for you, (y/n)… no matter how much of a pain in the ass you are, I still feel red for you.”

This surprise was totally worth it after all.


Meanwhile, across the door leading to your apartment, two curious souls leaned their ears against the door as they listened to your conversation.

“Hey, (f/n)?” said one of the two curious spies.

“Yes, Nepeta?”

“How long do you think it’ll take before they start pailing?” Nepeta asked, giving (f/n) a curious look. (f/n) rolled xer eyes and continued eavesdropping.

“Knowing (y/n) and Karkat, they would do a lot more sweet talking before they lead to that step.” xe said. Nepeta went back to her eavesdropping, fiddling with a strand of her hair as she concentrated. However, the two curious fellows’ eyes widened as strange noises emitted from the apartment.

“What was that?” Nepeta whispered. They remained completely quiet, not uttering a sound as they started to identify the sounds coming from across the door, growing louder and louder.

“Do you think it is…”

“Nepeta, don’t be silly, they wouldn’t do that in the living room and be heard from here! Or at least… I don’t think so.”

Suddenly, realization hit them as the moans and screams of pleasure and lust became rather loud and clear.

"Oh my gog!”
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