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January 14, 2013
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You were walking down the hall, gulping slightly. The school's counsellor called you to see her at her office and you weren't sure if it spelled good news or bad news. People thought she was crazy and occasionally bipolar, but you weren't sure whether they were true or not. After all, you never met her in person and the students at school pretty much loved creating a bunch of mumbo jumbo to spread around. It only happens 25% of the time, but on occasion one of the rumors turns out to be true. Hopefully, this was part of the 75% of the cases of rumors.

When you finally got to the door, you let out a nervous sigh and knocked gently on the door.

"Come in!" said the counsellor. You opened the door and looked at the surroundings. There wasn't anything special, just a room with peach-coloured walls, a bunch of book-stacked shelves, and a desk with a brunette sitting at it with a smile on her face.

"Oh, hello (_y/n_)!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together. You smiled politely at her and sat in the seat in front of her desk. She was one strange woman to say the least, but she looked tolerable and that was good enough for you.

"So, Miss Héderváry, you called for me?" you said, your hands on your knees.

"Please, (_y/n_), call me Elizaveta- no, too long. Call me Liz!" she said, the kind and caring smile still on her face. Her green eyes, however, gave you an odd feeling. No, not the "OMG, LE PYSCHO WILL KILLZ ME" type, more like the "OMFG, SHE KNOWS SOMETHIGN ABOUT MOI ZAT SHE SHOULD NOT KNOWZ" type. Heh, who could tell the difference anymore? A bad feeling is a bad feeling and that's what you were feeling!

"And, if you don't mind me asking, Miss Héderv- I mean, LIZ, why exactly did you call me down here for?"

"Well, I just needed to give you something."

You raised an eyebrow at her, confused. She simply giggled and took out a folded sheet of paper out of her drawer and handed it to you. You took it, giving a nod of thanks, and opened it up. As you were reading the contents of the paper, which just so happened to be a letter, you couldn't help but blush slightly.

Once you finished reading it, you looked at Elizaveta with a look asking her why she had this in the first place. Judging from her slight smirk, you figured it was directed at the fact that you were now a blushing mess and a confused one at that.

"Looks like the mister that caught your eye has noticed the way you act around him as is very much suspicious now, huh (_y/n_)?" she teased, nudging you slightly over her desk. Your eyes widened slightly.

"How did you know I..."

"Dear, why else would I have called you in my office?" she said, leanign back into her chair. She let out a slight sigh and looked at you with a new smile. An encouraging smile.

"Hey, he was worried about you and I couldn't help it, so I offered to give the letter for him." she chuckled slightly. "Besides, at least you'll get to spend time with him, right?"

You looked away in embarrassment. You knew you'll get the chance to be with him alone now after school, since he asked for a private meeting after school in the letter, and you were glad. However, it was the fact that you'd be ALONE that scared you a little. You had a major crush on him and even though you were a senior and he was only a few years older than you, you doubted ever having a chance with him. Plus, you didn't want to make yourself look like a fool in his presence, because that'd be very embarrassing.

As if reading your troubles, Elizaveta got up and walked over to you, ruffling your hair.

"Hey, it'll be okay," she reassured. "just go for it, don't be scared. Act natural!"

Feeling somewhat reassured, you smiled a bit and stood up. You nodded your head in thanks once more.

"Thank you, Liz."

"No problem, anytime (_y/n_). As long as one of your children shall be my godchild, I'm always there for you."


Elizaveta laughed and clutches her sides, trying to control herself. once she finally regained her composure, she gave a nod of dismissal and you left her office. Yes, even if he was merely worried for you because you're only a student, you'll get through. You will act natural. You will act cool and sexy!

... that is, that's what you thought until you were in front of the door of his classroom after school.
Note: You're 18 years old in this and a senior in this. ^^

Here is le intro for my collection of Teacher!Hetalia x Student!Reader one-shots. All you have to do, to get the guy you want, is click a classroom and to not dissapoint you because that class didn't give you the guy you want, I'll put a preview pic of the pic for the character who happens to teach that specific subject and his one-shot. Some are more obvious than others (*cough* can the English and French classes be anymore obvious? *cough*), so best of luck on guessing which dream guy of yours is responsible for the classroom of zhe love and passion! *ahem* Anywho...

For now, unless I get requests, it'll be the eight main characters including a certain forgotten nation that'll be available for picking. If you want another nation in this, just leave a comment and I'll find him a course to teach (orjoblikeasecretaryorsomething)! ;3 Now go on, pick a class/room! And feel free to give any type of criticism! *Note that they will NOT be released in the order as the list plays out.


The English Classroom: *in the making*
The French Classroom: [link]
The Spanish Classroom: *in the making*
The Italian Classroom: *in the making*
The Math Classroom: [link]
The History Classroom: *in the making*
The Geography Classroom: *in the making*
the Sciences Classroom: *in the making*
the Physics Classroom: *in the making*
The Gymnasium: *in the making*
The Art Room: [link]
The Music Room: *in the making*
The Ethics Classroom: [link]
The Woodshops Classroom: *in the making*


Hetalia and the characters all belong to Hima-papa.
You belong to your *hot* teacher. :D
I own the story idea,
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On gosh. If only all school counselors were like that. Sounds like it'll be good though~
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Please keep doing more! (Whispers: your my hero) Who said that?
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Um....Can you do a Computer Engernering Class? It should be obvious who's in it. ;D Unless..well....Yeah..
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Music Room: Austria! Isn't it obvious
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Don't worry, I'll try to get it done soon! I've had a lot of things get in the way of my writing, along with writer's block, but I'll get it written out soon (:
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